A new COVID-19 vaccine is set to be available next month as cases tick up across America

In case you haven’t been living under a rock, most people are probably aware by now that COVID-19 cases are picking up in the United States again. According to the CDC, this time it is a new variant that some scientists are saying is much worthy of a closer look before fall gets into full swing.

According to reports, the Food and Drug Administration is preparing to rollout new COVID vaccines in the states meant to target currently circulating versions of the virus. COVID-19 in recent weeks has sprung up in various parts of the U.S as cases begin rising with the expected arrival of fall and the general sick season.

This is just a gentle reminder friends to take care of yourselves and stock up on essentials now that the fall season is here. The virus is not a major spread at this time, however, to keep you and your families safe make sure to wash your hands and sanitize.

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