Florida made a change to the way mail-in ballots work, voters need to see this so everyone can ensure their right to vote

Now that we have your attention let’s begin. Democrats in the state are scrambling to get ahold of voters who otherwise registered or requested mail-in ballots. Listen up people because what we’re about to tell you next is critical to your right to vote in the next election.

A while back Florida passed a series of draconian election laws that dramatically cut the time people could request mail-in ballots for both local elections and of course the general election set to take place next year. That law saw current requests canned back in January as part of the changes DeSantis and his right-wing implemented. Originally people had up to 4 years to request such a ballot but now have only two.

What does this mean?

If you at any time in the past 2 years have requested a mail-in ballot in the state of Florida for pretty much any election reason you need to request a new one and you need to do so immediately. The change in this law means that your previous request is now invalid.


Click here to be taken to Florida ‘s website to request a mail-in ballot.

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