Infamous Miracle Mineral fraudsters found guilty of federal charges after falsely promoting *Bleach* as a cure for COVID-19

Someday we will have a conversation about how unserious some people are. According to a federal indictment, a pair of geniuses and their accomplices down in Florida have been found guilty of federal charges after falsely plugging a homemade bleach mixture as a means to cure COVID-19.

The indictment identifies them as Mark Grenon, 65, and sons Jonathan, 37, Joseph, 35, and Jordan, 29, of the now infamous Genesis II Church of Health & Healing. Prosecutors succesfully argued that the group plugged a homemade bleach mixture as a means to cure the novel Coronavirus and made nearly $1m having done so. Each of the parties involved has been found guilty of conspiracy to defraud the United States and attempting to market and sell mismarked ‘drugs.’

The Grenon ‘s learned their fate in about 30 minutes after the jury deliberated earlier this week.

So what was the rouse? Glad you asked because it is baffling.

The indictment notes that they called the ‘mixture’ the Miracle Mineral Solution which claimed to cure a host of things including that of COVID-19. Prosecutors successfully argued in their case that the group facilitated the whole operation as an organization online but billed itself as a ‘non-religious’ organization. Prosecutors later discovered that the mixture in question was actually chloride dioxide a very powerful form of bleach typically found in industrial settings.

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