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Reports: Kim Zolciak wanted out months ago but Bierrmann beat the troubled reality star to the punch as split turns nasty

Zolciak’s fall from reality T.V darling to troubled reality star is something certainly to be chronicled for T.V eventually somewhere. Earlier this week, it emerged that Kim had suddenly filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage and numerous financial troubles from estranged hubby Kroy Biermann. Records indicate that the two have cited that the marriage is indefinitely broken.

But their struggles have long played a part in the downfall of their marriage. Dating back to 2012, following their purchase of a huge estate in Alpharetta the two made a whirlwind of mistakes from then on. The home in the years following would end up in foreclosure numerous times and eventually officially after the Internal Revenue Service levied a formal tax complaint against the couple.

But now Zolciak’s problems are only continuing to pile up. According to Page Six, Bierrman is not only seeking full custody of the couple’s minor children but is also asking for alimony. Court records indicate he is also asking for their debt to be split evenly. In Bierrman ‘s documents, they go on to say ‘“Petitioner shows that he should be awarded exclusive, temporary and permanent use and possession of the marital residence located at 3140 Manor Bridge Drive.”

Sources told Bazaar Daily on Wednesday that the couple had long been having issues. One source pointed out that Zolciak had long been under the impression that Bierrman was ‘much more’ financially stable than what she is now learning. “She had been depending on him for everything for so many years so this wasn’t something she had seen coming for a long time.’

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