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Versatile, Multipurpose Solution to Prepare You for Anything a Return to Travel May Bring

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New York, NY, March 2022 — LOJEL is taking a new approach to mobility goods tailored to an ever-unfolding new reality. Over the past two years, the brand has taken steps to reassess its commitments and assumptions for 2022. Today, doing things the way they’ve always been done no longer works. There’s no return to “normal” — no one is living the way they did before, and people’s expectations and priorities in life have changed fundamentally.

The LOJEL team asked themselves: How do we live with less, but better? Our lives require versatility, so why do we use bags that serve only one purpose? Why use an outdoor backpack with a suit? Why carry a backpack to lunch when all you need are your keys, phone, and wallet? 

LOJEL believes the answer lies in versatile tools ideated with a focus on the long-term, fundamental changes that now permeate daily life with regularity. With that in mind, it created Eblo — a series of items comprising individually distinct components but conceived as a whole — to be used all together while also independently. As such, Eblo includes a backpack with customizable straps, a sling pouch, and a poncho — a versatile solution for the varied lifestyles of multiple owners that seamlessly moves throughout the day and between varying environments, as well as myriad conditions and challenges.

Comprehensive Mobility Solution

Available in three colorways — Asphalt, Trail, and Dune — the convertible and multifunctional set is ideal for dealing with the unexpected realities of our new modern world. For the creation of the set, the LOJEL team chose the most durable materials, including 100% recycled Cordura and vegetable-tanned leathers while integrating their consumer-favorite Design for Repair philosophy to give these products the best chance for a longer lifespan. The set features interchangeable straps to prolong the life of the bag, alongside a five-year warranty. The clean, minimal design adapts to changing styles as the materials age with patina. 

Eblo comes in three iterations: All Day, All Terrain, and All Conditions. The All Day set is designed to help people adapt to the diverse aspects of daily life. City dwellers can head to work bringing everything they need within the Eblo backpack — a sturdy and comfortable carrier made of premium fabrics featuring a leather boot/main body, two-tone lining, a back panel mesh, and leather zipper pulls. For lunch breaks and small errands, they can take the accompanying sling pouch held inside the backpack by magnetic fasteners to hold all their essentials (phone, wallet, keys, etc.), freeing them to leave the larger bag behind.

The All Terrain set allows for constantly switching locales, from the city to the wilderness. The set comes with two pairs of backpack straps — one for urban settings, and another reinforced for more active use. One pair of backpack straps can be easily detached and swapped for the other pair between different locations. Configured for active use, the backpack is contoured to fit ergonomically with a sternum strap.

The All Conditions set takes things up another level by empowering wearers to face uncertainty. The set includes a utility poncho to keep both the wearer and the backpack dry. The foldable poncho is constructed from water-resistant, recycled material and stored in the front compartment of the Eblo backpack. Its multiple features offer clearer visibility and unimpeded mobility during sudden downpours — ideal for bikers and urban commuters. It also has a front pocket for easy access to such essential items as mobile devices and accessories.

Today’s world, with new and constantly changing ways of being — in work, travel, and everyday life — has led to a sense of being lost for many. Differing conditions and circumstances beyond control, from summer rains to other sorts of surprises, contribute to this sense of being lost.

Eblo’s durable construction and multifaceted applications mitigate this, allowing anyone to be prepared for any situation. In an ever-evolving physical and existential climate, it offers peak versatility, functionality, and long-lasting design.

Pictured from left to right: The Eblo Backpack, The Eblo Sling Pouch, All Day City Straps, All Terrain Active Straps.

For more information on the Eblo collection, please visit us.lojel.com.


LOJEL is a mobile lifestyle brand that blends innovation with design to achieve exceptional craftsmanship. A core focus for LOJEL is research — its creative team stays at the forefront of key industry trends and sustainable production by having an open dialogue with travelers about their concerns and designing products to address those challenges.

LOJEL believes in Technical Excellence, offering global consumers value through high-quality products. The brand’s international customers and employees offer unique, Diverse Perspectives. LOJEL has taken on a philosophy of Design for Repair, an ethos from ages past geared towardfacing the future. Eschewing the “dispose and replace” model to foster a more meaningful long-term consciousness, the design team is continuously developing a system of modular, standardized parts that allow travelers to easily and quickly repair their luggage themselves,minimizing waste that ultimately ends up in a landfill. An honest, transparent conversation about the realities of travel and sustainable production practices embody Truth in Travel, and the core of the brand lies in Unwavering Respect — for the planet, local cultures, those who make LOJEL products, and those who buy them.

We are all moving in an increasingly interconnected landscape in search of moments and experiences that matter. LOJEL aims to enrich lives by easing the journey through this vast world that we are all navigating together.

For more information on LOJEL or to view the current product offering, please visit us.lojel.com.


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