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Disgraced journo Chris Cuomo prepping to sue CNN: Reports

Turns out Chris Cuomo apparently moves quicker to protect his checks than he does victims of reported crimes. According to reports, the disgraced CNN anchor is gearing up to sue the network over his reported $6m a year contract. This news comes of course after CNN confirmed that it in fact canned the host over his disgraceful lies about not helping his brother (when he in fact did) try to spin stories about Cuomo ‘s accusers.

Sources told the New York Post that the disgraced host has lawyered up in an effort to win back his 4 year contract at least monetarily. Cuomo notably signed a four year $6m a year contract with the network last year, though, that now hangs in jeopardy due to the network’s morality clause.

Cuomo, however, maintains that Jeff Zucker may have known about the support for his brother which many have cited as reason(s) that it might be time for Zucker to step aside. It is unclear if CNN Prez Mr. Zucker actually knew about the allegations which reps for the company patently have denied.

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