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In the past 6 months or so, COVID-19 has escaped Australia ‘s strict border lockdowns more than 17 times. Now 26 more cases of the deadly Indian variant of the virus have been reported.

Australia is now grappling with what they’re calling yet another outbreak of COVID-19. According to Australian officials in Victoria and Melbourne, 5m+ people are now back under lockdown orders after an outbreak of the Indian variant was traced back to a man in his 30’s. Researchers and officials say that the man is believed to have caught the Indian variant after having picked up food just hours after having been released from a quarantine hotel.

The first patient reportedly was quarantining at the Playford Hotel in the area.

Locals are not at all thrilled and many are wondering if the lockdowns actually worked — considering the virus appears to have escaped Australia ‘s lockdown(s) numerous times.

Officials say that “Case A” (the man has not been identified) was actually identified back in April. On 19 April, the man had reportedly returned to the area from traveling extensively throughout Asia (including Singapore and a number of other countries.)

The latest exposure scare is believe to have come from the fact that the man picked up food the day he was due to take his third COVID-19 test after returning to Australia. A second man identifed as “Case B” is believed to have been entangled in the mess and is part of the outbreak. It is unclear exactly how long the new lockdown will go on as officials will have to conduct extensive contact tracing considering it involves a reported delivery driver.

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