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A massive flare has been detected near Proxima Centauri, an atmosphere that is believed to harbor potential life: Report

Generally speaking flares of any kinds from a planet that is not the one we are on right now are probably an indicator of things we don’t quite understand yet. But in this week’s IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, Space.com revels in the discovery of a stellar flare that was fairly humungous for having come from Proxima Centuari — a planet we have never been to or seen up close and personal.

The flare was so big according to the initial report scientists are deeming it a remarkable discovery. Such flares an given its magnificent size are giving scientists new hopes in their dash to determine if there is life somewhere up there. Scientists have long fought with rumours that there is already some form of life near Proxima ‘s atmosphere — though they have yet to get close enough to find out exactly what is in the atmosphere.

Though now that scientists understand very violent flares to occur in the atmosphere it is now being argued that if life is up there — it probably looks far different than we do. Human beings just wouldn’t survive very well on such a planet.

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