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Looks like Kim Kardashian-West and Kanye just couldn’t keep it together. According to Page Six (sorry guys we can’t hyperlink to any NY Post related properties) the two are headed for divorce after a year of serious marital issues and breakdown. The report claims that Kim has finally had enough and can’t seem to get Kayne back on track and with his own health.

Sources claim that Kim has already hired power divorce attorney Laura Wasser and remains locked in settlement talks with Kanye.

The reported divorce comes on the heels of numerous scandals which include Kanye ‘s notorious attempt at running for President on a platform that nobody quite understood. Their marriage reportedly took a turn for the worse long before West ‘s doomed Presidential bid mostly due to his mental health struggles.

Numerous reports claim that despite public sentiment Kim has done her efforts in a bid to help Kanye with his health although Kanye allegedly often does not want the help at all and retreats to his Wyoming ranch. Followed by a series of very public outbursts that exposed private moments even about his own children — it is quite extraordinary that they’ve lasted even this long.

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