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The U.S set a blistering new COVID-19 record, they were warned but didn’t listen

Despite several warnings from health officials; critics, experts, and almost every possible person or entity one could think of — America just doesn’t listen. This week marked yet another grim milestone in the battle against COVID-19 in the country as more than 89,000 new cases are being recorded every day.

Despite the claims made by the Trump Administration —- not all of those cases can be chalked up to the simple idea of increased testing. They can also be accounted for the fact that lots of people either don’t wear masks; don’t wear them correctly, or simply don’t social distance at all where appropriate.

Yet despite the momentum gaining in the battle against the Coronavirus —- Donald Trump remains steadfast in his literally bizarre denial that any of this is actually real.

We’re rounding the turn,” Trump told his supports at a rally on Monday. “Our numbers are incredible.”

Hospitalisations are likely going to rise next week if not in the next few days. Deaths will soon follow — almost inevitably as we’ve seen at least once already. But to Trump and the GOP —- this doesn’t matter as lives are expendable.

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