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The FBI has served a search warrant on a sitting U.S Senator over his reported stock purge

The battle to find out the extent of Sen. Richard Burr ‘s stock-purges rages on. According to the NY Post; Yahoo News, and at least two other sources this morning Richard Burr was served a search warrant last night at his Washington area home. The FBI is determining whether or not Burr violated the law by using information he gained from closed-door meetings to benefit his stock portfolio, similar to at least two other Senators who dd the same.

There are active laws on the books that prevent members of Congress from acting on or trading on confidential information that they received from confidential hearings.

In the week leading up to the most seriousness of the COVID-19 outbreak, Burr sold more than $1.7m of stocks meanwhile publicly attempted to downplay the COVID-19 outbreak as nothing more than the flu.

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