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Quarantine has brought me far closer to my television and devices than I’ve probably been throughout my entire publishing career. I find it bemusing that streaming networks and such suddenly are releasing all of the good shows we’ve wanted for so long, but that’s an article for another time. Recently, I found 4 good ones that are well worth the time to consume.

  1. Altered Carbon

I’ll be the first to admit when I see an unusual title on Netflix I almost always scroll right on by. But after numerous recommendations to check out this gem right here, I can truthfully say it is well worth the time. Altered Carbon is a scientific-ish type show (there are both seasons up right now to get your fix) that focuses on life in the future; futuristic humans, the fact that humans may not actually be real.

It’s a little creepy at times. Mostly, the show has received near universal acclaim for its storytelling abilities; use of future-like human connections, and the all-around stellar cast. Plus, you might just learn a few things about what the world just might be like in a few years when all of the glorious machines and robots around us fully take over.

Rating: 4 stars

2. John Wick 3

Don’t quote me because I only saw John Wick 1; not 2, but saw also 3. Mostly, the John Wick series is pretty cool if you’re looking for a slightly action-packed; partially bloody, and uh kind of weird escape from reality. This isn’t a movie I would recommend you watch with someone who may be a child. No really.

3. Like A Boss (mostly available for rental for all of $4)

Okay let me be frank… I’m not usually one for chick-flick led comedies that aren’t quite marketed that way but otherwise aren’t really marketed at all. I had seen ads for this a while ago, but movie theatres closed across the world before I could go see it. On a whim, I rented it on Amazon and was pleasantly left with a fit of giggles and a sudden urge to never eat waffles again. Like A Boss is about two female best friends (Tiffany Haddish of course) who along with a pal creates a successful makeup and cosmetics brand. Little did they know, that they would eventually go hand in hand with a millionaire entrepreneur who only wanted to scheme her way into stealing their trade secrets.

Rating: 3.5 stars

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