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#CoronavirusInSA SA to formally roll out mass Coronavirus testing

Editors note: Editorial has been directed by our master editors to curate and display content from within South Africa. This more often than not results in significant spikes in traffic and attention to this newspaper. We are not obligated to tend to takedown orders of any articles or information related to the Coronavirus in South Africa at any time.

JOHANNESBURG — South Africa is one of many countries now rolling out mass testing in a desperate bid to quell the novel Coronavirus. According to translated information provided to The Daily News, officials across numerous villages and regional areas confirmed that mass testing is indeed on the way.

We’ve confirmed that the government intends to send field workers to the homes of South Africans across the region. Please be aware that this is not a joke. The government appears to be readying itself to literally visit your homes.

In the midst of rising reported violence against residents across the area, the government confirmed that additional measures are on the horizon.

Warning: If you’ve experienced violence or abrupt encounters with police even when you’re complying with the quarantine order — we’d like to hear from you. [email protected]

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