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Black NFL player comes out, only for world to discover he’s dating a white man

Joining the long list of black sportsmen and celebrities who seem to come out and totally shun their own community. Ryan Russell, #95, came out in an ESPN op-ed over the weekend to probably far more dismay than he had initially planned on. In the op-ed, Russell revealed that he has been bi-sexual for several years.

HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA – MARCH 22: Ryan Russell attends The Thirst Project And The City Of Los Angeles Celebrate World Water Day at Hollywood & Highland Courtyard on March 22, 2019 in Hollywood, California. (Photo by Tommaso Boddi/Getty Images)

The problem is that Russell thought the world actually cares. People would’ve been more impressed had Russell actually come out and revealed that he had been in a loving relationship with someone who looks like him. The wild number of black “celebs’ and sportsmen whom are cozied up with only white men is absolutely insane.

“I deprived myself the basic privilege of living an open life. That meant I had to be strategic and cautious about meeting guys or getting involved with them during the regular season,” he explained. “It also meant that even though I was building important friendships on my team, I couldn’t be authentic or honest about who I am or what was going on in my life.

I’m all for “whatever makes one happy” but I certainly like others can wonder what in the hell it is that these men (and even straight men for that matter) are going through that each and every time they get money; fame, or happen to come out their partner is almost exclusively white.

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