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Tonight I had the opportunity to attend the Grammy Awards in New York City, after, a sudden pull-out of attendance by our Editor in Chief Khane.   For the occasion, I opted to wear a custom Versace gown and Alexander McQueen heels.

A mfin  Bronx girl’s dream came true tonight ya’ll. A   black girl from the hood has risen to the top clad in Versace  inches from Beyonce & Jay-Z.  I will never forget this night.

But, outfit aside,  I had no idea that these damn goodie bags were so lit.   I’ve a Liq Lab sub; a Marijuana club sub,  more chocolate and chocolate candy bars than I know what to do with,  and (a brand of coffee literally called Bulletproof).

I’m definitely not sure why, but,  this goodie bag is hella worth more money than most people make in a year.  My fav part though, for sure, the $100 Uber Eats Credits which are  for sure being used as we speak.

I’ll be sure to share the details of the after party here soon.

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