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I LOVE YOU MOM, BUT IM GOING TO KILL YOU: NYC man escapes prison time, asks for her pension fund 

MANHATTAN — Henry Wachtel,24,  famously beat his mother savagely to death in 2012. At that time, Wachtel,  had apparently claimed to authorities that he was insane and therefore would later reportedly fight via an insanity defense.

Wachtel beat his mother to death striking her more than 100 Ines to the head and upper body. Emergency services reportedly found her inside of her Manhattan home in a massive pool of blood. 

According to court records, in 2014,  he successfully fought prison time after his lawyers argued that he had had a seizure during the attack and therefore he couldn’t be held responsible for her death.  Records show that medical personnel cited an epileptic seizure had occurred during the attack.

Interestingly, things have since changed.  Newly released court documents show that Wachtel has now reversed course and is seeking part of if not all of his late mothers retirement benefits in a newly filed lawsuit.

His lawyers, per documents, awkwardly argue that he is entitled to her benefits and retirement accounts.  Although, NYC has a slayer rule, that prohibits killers from obtaining any kind of financial means in situations similar to this.

Karen Kay, was a teacher in an English class at Laguardia High at the time of her death.  While Wachtel is indeed listed as her beneficiary, the school board retains control of her accounts pending outcomes of his case in accordance with state law. 

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