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MINNESOTA —  The battle over Prince Roger Nelson’s estate has begun, and, it is ugly.   As of 9am this morning, Prince’s  attitude-riddled sister Tyka and the rest of his siblings headed to a probate court in the city to determine the outcome of what  will happen next with Prince’s $300m estate.  Sources close to the hearing say that Tyka hopes that she will be in entire control of the estate, because, “she was closest to Prince”.


Although the stories appear to differ.  Prince’s half-brother Alfred Jackson, who appears to be in the midst of a tizzy with Tyka “isn’t all that thrilled over the ongoing battle”.   Tyka recently filed legal documents claiming that Prince had “no legal will” therefore the estate in its  whole would go to herself and her half-siblings.  Jackson, is  Tyka’s only full sibling.
In repeated attempts to get comment from Tyka, The Daily News was hung up on.

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