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Music star Sean Kingston and his mother have been arrested for allegedly running a huge crime ring in Florida

Troubled musician Sean Kingston who has had numerous run ins with the law is back in the headlines. Years after he and his mom were sued for fraud in NY, this time they’re on the hook in Florida.

The Lowdown

According to court documents seen by Daily News America, Kingston and his mother Janice were arrested on Thursday after dual raids took place on Kingston’s Florida home. The docs revealed that Kingston and his mother Janice, 61, are both accused of running a $1m fraud ring in Broward County.

Prosecutors in Fort Lauderdale allege that they conspired to obtain everything from hard cash to a stolen Escalade and furniture items just to name a few of the alleged stolen goods they benefitted from.

Bazaar America notes that this is the latest arrest for the pair who most recently were sued in NY for fraud in 2018.

At that point, the pair was accused of swiping 9 items from an upmarket jeweler and were forced to pay back $301,000.

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