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In first, San Francisco ‘s ‘Free Food Market’ has opened and it may be a novel alternative to a ‘food pantry’

In a city where few grocers remain and others have fled, San Fran seems to have an idea of its own in response. According to reports, the city’s first-ever ‘Free Food Market’ has opened and it aims to be an alternative to what many know to be food pantries.

The Lowdown

A huge 4k square foot facility known as a ‘Free Food Market’ District ten has officially opened. Reports indicate that the city has launched the facility in partnership with the human services agency of San Francisco and aims to ‘replicate the grocery store experience.’ The Bayview-Hunters Point market requires that folks are one or more of the following: an approved resident, must live in one of 3 approved zip codes, dependants under 25, a qualified food-related illness, and be referred by a participating organization.

Approved residents will be permitted to access the facility once a month and will not have to pay a dime. People who apply for this programme will receive a benefits card like one would with other social services programmes. District ten in San Fran is one of the area’s poorest neighborhoods and with high-crime it has become increasingly hard for grocers to stay in business with many refusing to do so.

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