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Former LA detective Mark Fuhrman barred from policing in CA thirty years after lying in O.J Simpson’s murder trial

Fuhrman who infamously lied on the stand during the 1994 murder(s) trial was barred this week from policing under a reform bill meant to boot officers who commit crimes.

The Lowdown

In 1994, Furhman was among the first cops sent to investigate the scene of the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and that of her longtime pal Ronald Goldman. Furhman famously testified during the case that he had not made anti black comments before in his life, though, that was exposed to untrue after racist recordings were unearthed.

Furhman who is now 72 probably wasn’t going to return to policing, but, California appears to be sending a message that it will boot officers who commit crimes or are found guilty of a crime.

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