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The United States Navy is once again in the headlines for its recruitment struggles. According to reports, Navy officials have lowered the overall requirements for people to suit up and head off to perhaps the worst 8-9 weeks of their lives.

The Lowdown

Navy officials revealed this week that the service is expected to lower the requirement of having a diploma or GED to not having one at all. It comes after several years of recruitment struggles as government forces struggle to recruit young people often very weary of America’s thirst for war. The last time the recruitment requirement was lowered was in 2000.

Navy isn’t the only service experiencing dwindling numbers but they never seem to tell the entire story. Some reports on the matter have suggested that people simply aren’t testing at the right levels — but often do not acknowledge the very real dangers and the gamble people must take signing up for the American armed forces. Recruitment efforts were once very common in places like New York City where service officials had previously grown so desperate you’d have to often pass them in the subway system attempting to lure young people to their deaths.

Recruitment is especially struggling after numerous missteps by the United States in recent years. The COVID-19 pandemic; the ever-so-obvious mental health crisis among all age groups, America’s thirst for war, America’s funding of several wars, and the very real threat of not President Trump but dictator Trump — America essentially has lost its way.

n a perfect storm of events, the military and navy are also scrambling to compete with higher paying jobs and tuition help — something that the service previously often dangled over the heads of not-so-well-off people in exchange for signing their life away.

Recruits particularly for the Navy will only have to score a 50 or higher on the qualification test to get in the door. It follows a similar December 2022 move made to also help boost low turnout numbers.

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