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Sad news for Costco shoppers as it will get a tad more complicated to get in their stores if a new system goes full-scale. According to Reddit posts, the chain is testing out a new system that would make it much harder to mooch off of somebody else’s membership card (that isn’t supposed to be there.)

The Lowdown

Reddit posts that surfaced this week revealed that Costco has begun testing a new system to beat back people who aren’t supposed to be in their stores. The posts reveal that the chain has begun testing out things like asking for ID at the self checkout centre also customers would be required to scan their cards at the door to actually get in said store.

New systems are initially being tested in Washington State with possible expansions in the very near future. Costco is the latest example of American retailers seeking to crackdown on membership sharing.

Tip: You can actually order Costco on Instacart without a membership but you will not get the same in warehouse prices.

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