America is teetering on the brink of a dictatorship as the Supreme Court agrees to weigh whether Trump can declare immunity to escape his treacherous crimes

The ongoing federal election case against Donald Trump has been halted by the presiding judge in the case.

Halted because the Supreme Court has intervened this week following a request by Special Counsel Jack Smith to expedite a claim by Trump that he is immune from prosecution in the matter because he was President.

Trump is essentially trying to argue that a President can attempt to overthrow the government and get away with it because he held office. Smith, however, is not buying it and has asked the court to decide by 18 December in an effort to keep the anticipated trial on track.

In a separate case, the Supreme’s have also agreed to hear another case involving the statute that bans obstruction of official proceedings which is an entirely separate charge against Trump. In Judge Chatkan ‘s ruling on the matter, she also noted that the ongoing gag order against the indicted former President will remain in effect.

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