Will & Jada Pinkett Smith are threatening legal action over the wild claims Will had secretly hooked up with Duane Martin

Will Smith is now threatening legal action over the blog posts and videos that later prompted a bizarre interview to be posted online. In the interview, scandalous blogger Tasha K interviews a man named Brother Bilal and then it went awry from there.

According to EW, the Smith ‘s are prepping legal action against blogger Tasha K (yes that’s exactly who you think it is) after her off the walls and questionable interview that claimed Will Smith has a past of hooking up with fellow actor Duane Martin.

EW notes that the interview is the 2nd time Tasha K has come under fire for malicious and false statements. Most know her probably for the fact that she was successfully sued by Cardi B a while back owes her more than $3m for also lies that were published on her site about her.

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