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HYPOCRITE: South Dakota Gov Kristi Noem’s secret affair with Trump aide has been revealed despite constantly screaming about family values

The ‘Family Values’ movement has claimed another voice. According to reports, Kristi Noem’s secret affair with Corey Lewandowski has been exposed for the first time. This is despite her constantly screeching during public forums that family values are important.

(She’s married and has been since 1992.)

According to reports, Kristi Noem despite being married has been having a clandestine affair with former Trump crony Corey Lewandowski. The affair was first exposed by The Daily Mail after the paper uncovered evidence of travel; personal trips, and even business trips that the two were romantic with each other.

The revelations come at a time in which reports claim Noem is prepping to potentially be the VP pick for Trump were he to win the election next year. Though questions certainly have arisen given that as a married woman preaching about family values — an extramarital affair doesn’t quite fit that narrative.

It is understood that Noem has been carrying out this affair since 2019 despite appearing in public. Norm first won the governorship in 2018 after promising to follow the same family values and sanctity of marriage ideals that she both positioned herself within and campaigned on.

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