Report: Trump’s ship is sinking because Trump can’t un-Trump to save himself

The former President’s own lawyers repeatedly tried to bargain with him to return the classified documents in the first place. Instead, New reports suggest he listened to a far-right group instead.

A new report by the Washington Post has laid bare the struggles Donald Trump’s own legal team are having. Struggles that start of course and end with trying to get him to cooperate. In the fall of 2022, legal advise was given to Trump that he should negotiate with the DOJ and return the documents — thereby hopefully avoiding jail as was the entire strategy.

Elsewhere in the report, it suggests through sources that Trump knew what he was doing was wrong — but still chose to listen to Judicial Watch anyway. Of course, that piece of advice was to keep the documents and keep the crusade going on for as long as possible.

It is the latest example of Trump’s inability to accept reality and instead go for the most dramatic portion of events as usual.

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