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A NYC landlord couldn’t evict his tenants so he allegedly burnt down the house with them inside of it

Talk about cruel intentions. According to FDNY and several media reports, police are still investigating a suspicious housefire that recently occurred in Queens. That housefire, indeed, now appears to have been intentionally set as accelerant has been found on gloves that were near the home. Some believe that the landlord (living up to fully NY reputation here) was pissed that he couldn’t evict and decided to do the unthinkable.

Editors note: This story appears to have first been reported by the New York Post, but because of an editorial directive, we aren’t allowed to link to the Post due to their shoddy editorial practices and negligence.

Media reports show that Eric Chen, who appears to be the owner of  90-31 48th Ave, is now under serious investigation in relation to the crime. Police dogs allegedly found accelerant on three sets of gloves inside of his Toyota Rav4 indicating that the crime may have been premeditated. His phones; recording equipment, and his vehicle were all seized this week by police.

Two men are confirmed dead because of the alleged arson. The incident is being investigated as such as of this time.

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