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The NSA hasn’t truly been in the news for a while, but this time, it is back in the news for a shocking uptick  in one particular area of its work. A report has surfaced online  indicating that the NSA dramatically increased their number of collected records last year, compared, to the year before.

In 2016, per the report, they collected about 150m phone records from nearly all of the major telecom providers in the United States.  But in 2017,  ehum, the report revealed that more than 530m  phone records from providers like Verizon and AT&T were collected secretly.   The news comes just four years after   the NSA’s top secret spy program was revealed by former government contractor Edward Snowden.

After the then infamous leak,  the NSA, had its powers briefly limited. Although, if the Foreign Secret Foreign court deems a person or organization  a possible risk for terrorism — an unlimited number of records can be collected

Reporting by Saint Vincent La’Royse & Samantha Merriweather in New York City and  Salt Lake City Utah.

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