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According to his case, he is set to enter a guilty plea in the Mariana Islands near Australia bringing an end to his Wikileaks case.

The Lowdown

America’s long-running case against Julian Assange, the founder of Wikileaks has ended. The AP reports that a deal has been struck which means Assange will plead guilty to a federal charge of obtaining and releasing classified national defense information out of America.

Assange’s website Wikileaks famously exposed numerous instances of wrongdoing by the Americans, claims that despite rock solid evidence they vehemently deny.

He is to enter the plea in the Mariana Islands a U.S outpost over fears of returning to mainland America. Assange had previously argued with good reason that if he were shipped to America — it would allegedly have ended in his torture.

The plea means Assange will go free in exchange for admitting to his doings.

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