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This week the state of Louisiana passed a series of bills that otherwise have captured the attention of headlines everywhere.  One of those bills is actually a bill that otherwise reignites religion in the classroom.

The Lowdown

Louisiana one of America ‘s far-right states has struck again.  This week a bill became law that otherwise requires the ten commandments to be displayed in all classrooms K-12.  Criticism of the bill has been rife considering that not all  children in the school system may be religious or follow certain religions.

During a far-right religious event on Saturday,  Trump himself chimed in on the law declaring  he endorsed it and it should be m ore broad.

“Has anyone read the ‘Thou shalt not steal’? I mean, has anybody read this incredible stuff? It’s just incredible,” Trump said at the gathering of the Faith & Freedom Coalition. “They don’t want it to go up. It’s a crazy world.’’

Trump a day earlier posted an endorsement of the new law on his social media network, saying: “I LOVE THE TEN COMMANDMENTS IN PUBLIC SCHOOLS, PRIVATE SCHOOLS, AND MANY OTHER PLACES, FOR THAT MATTER. READ IT — HOW CAN WE, AS A NATION, GO WRONG???”

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