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That ex of course being the Queen of Pop Madonna. For years, Penn has been the subject of a rumor involving assault and a baseball bat during his then relationship with the music icon. But according to him that didn’t quite happen.

The Lowdown

In a new interview with the Times, actor Sean Penn has dived deep into his personal and professional life. Instead, it is a tidbit dating back to nineteen-eighty-seven with people talking. That year it has long been alleged that Penn assaulted Madonna with a baseball bat, although, in the interview, Penn claims that didn’t happen. Madonna herself debunked the rumors in twenty-fifteen calling the rumors outright malicious and ‘lies.’

“I had a freaking SWAT team come into my house,” the Oscar winner recalled to the New York Times in a profile published Saturday.

“I said: ‘I’m not coming out. I’m going to finish my breakfast.’ The next thing I knew, windows were being broken all around the house and they came in. They had me in handcuffs.

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