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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express thank you for joining us this afternoon.

1. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we are watching the latest episode of the new season of Bridgerton on Netflix.

2. The latest in Gaza

3. According to South Korea, North Korea has begun building what has been described as a wall.

New developments in the ongoing disagreements between N and S Korea. According to reports, South Korean officials have discovered a series of sections of a border wall along and near the DMZ have been erected.   Some have pointed it out that the wall appears to be a further sign that the North doesn’t want much to do with the outside world.

4.  Across Europe right now

As many are aware parts of Europe like many other parts of the world are experiencing dangerous heatwaves.  According to Euro News, it is only expected to get worse.

5.  The latest on the U.S elections

According to reports, Donald Trump ‘s chances of winning the election are shrinking.

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