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Good morning everyone it is Tuesday in New York City where it is expected the boroughs will be scorching don’t forget your cold bev on the way out to work. And with that thank you for joining us for this edition of The Local.

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re watching Nightmares and Daydreams on Netflix. Based on the trailer, this may not be suitable for all audiences.

2. L.I murder suspect allegedly penned a bizarre murder guide.

According to The New York Times, Rex Heuermann allegedly had a document that he would refer to throughout his many reported killings. The document is now known to have been a ‘murder guide’ providing a blueprint for his crimes and those he’s alleged to have taken part in. It is the latest twist in the bizarre serial killer case that has captivated the boroughs.

3. It’s expected to be a scorcher throughout New York City this week with temps topping ninety and above.

It’s expected to be quite warm throughout the boroughs this week well above ninety nearly all week. This is your friendly reminder to stay hydrated, keep your pets inside where it is cool, and provide them fresh water.

You can check the local weather here.

4. Pols are pushing for a mask ban, but seem to be forgetting about the fact that the subways are gross as is much of New York City.

Mayor Eric Adams has joined the bandwagon of pols seeking to block people from wearing masks in public. The move of course has been met with backlash considering most of the city including the subway system rarely is ever truly clean. The move to ban masks comes as pols claim that many of the criminals committing recent crimes have been wearing masks [but forgot to mention that the masks themselves are often balaclavas] rather than face masks like those worn during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Not to mention the air quality in New York City has been terrible lately.

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