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Infamous NYC Bishop Lamor Whitehead has learned his fate in a long-running scam involving his ministries. According to the federal case, Whitehead is headed to prison for nine years for swiping an elderly woman’s retirement fund.

The Lowdown

On Monday, Whitehead was known in the boroughs for driving a Rolls Royce; wearing flashy suits, and other luxury items became nothing more than a fraudster. During Monday’s hearing, Whitehead was sentenced to nine years in federal prison for stealing ninety thousand dollars worth of a retirement fund from Pauline Anderson a nurse in the area.

In case it couldn’t get worse it does. During the ordeal, prosecutors discovered that Whitehead falsely claimed to Anderson that he would use her retirement funds on a home he had found and claimed he would fix it up for her — but instead used her monies on himself and wild luxury purchases.

But wait it gets worse. Whitehead’s downfall began in March after a conviction that saw he stole the retirement fund and instead of using it on Anderson ‘s home per the case, he used it on flashy luxury items and BMW car payments. Whitehead was also convicted of attempting to extort a local autobody shop owner with supposed connections to city officials including Mayor Eric Adams.

He was further hit with time for another conviction whereas he was sentenced for stealing a quarter-of-a-million dollars in loans he should not have had after it was found he lied on bank loan applications.

Previous records for Whitehead show this is not his first run in with the law. Past convictions include identity theft according to court records for Whitehead.

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