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Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. Before we begin, we’d like to note that yes the headline you are about to read may make this newsletter seem like this edition might be a joke. This is not a joke and yes a woman actually [allegedly] led an entire secret life as an undercover assassin.

The Lowdown

  1. A wild and we mean tild tale out of Chicago. According to reports, a local woman is on the run after and this isn’t a joke being exposed as an undercover assassassin.

A woman who has been identified as Aimee Betro, 44, is understood to have hid her double life entirely even from her own family who was shocked to learn the news. Betro reportedly was hired to kill a boutique owner in the United Kingdom and is currently wanted on an international arrest warrant.

The incident took place in Birmingham village of Acocks Green back in twenty nineteen when Betro allegedly traveled to the United Kingdom with the intent to kill a local boutique owner which apparently was beefing with British father and son Mohammed Nazir, 30, and Mohammed Aslam, 56. In case it couldn’t get anymore scandalous it does.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

3. Across Europe right now

According to reports, an ISIS linked collection of servers in both Europe and the U.S has been taken offline.

4. Amazon product and more are coming to The Express. The Express may earn a commission or portion of the sale for items bought through our newsletter. We will only be promoting things that make logical sense for adults in a modern world and young folks looking for fun things to do. And of course, the everyday essentials.

5. Trump wants to eliminate the income tax system in favor of a tariffs system and many people aren’t having it.

In his latest claim to his followers, Donald Trump has claimed that he now wants to eliminate the income tax system in place of a tariffs system. The replacement, however, doesn’t appear to be a cost-effective change for the country according to NBC News.

6. Supreme Court has reversed a Trump era rule that banned bump stocks in the United States which notably came into play after the heartbreaking mass shooting in Vegas a few years back.

According to reports, the Supreme Court has sided with gun advocates who argue that bump stocks do not alter guns enough to make them machine guns. Donald Trump during his presidency had implemented the ban following the mass shooting in Vegas, whereas, the shooter had used a bump stock during the attack to increase the rate in which it fires.

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