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Good evening everyone and welcome to the first-ever edition of Bazaar Express UK. We have several other newsletters that often cover stories for the UK, however, Express UK will explicitly cover the good ol UK.

To those who warned about the invasion of the robots uh good people take a look at this.

The Highlights:

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we are watching Hierachy. If you love a spicy drama about the higher society but make it a K-drama this one is for you.

2. Nigel Farage claims the Torries are near implosion as election season continues

But of course that comes after his Reform party managed to overtake the conservatives according to the Telegraph.

3. Rishi Sunak is in Italy for that summit you know the one where they don’t really do much other than hobknob among themselves.

And it’s not going so well according to reports. The Guardian reports that Sunak has actually come out denying that he was snubbed at the onset of the summit in Puglia.

4. The latest in Gaza

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