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In Iran change remains impossible as country’s ruling hardline government bars women, those calling for change from election

Following the death of ‘The Butcher of Iran’ the election to replace him is underway and well change remains invasive in the male-dominated country that refuses to acknowledge women or change.

The Lowdown

Iranian elections are underway to replace the fallen butcher, however, change should not be expected. According to the AP, Mohammed Bagher Qalibaf, 62 remains the top candidate to replace Raisi and is expected to be no different than the last. Iran ‘s powerful Guardian Council a panel of jurists has sought to ban women and those seeking change from the election outright further alienating any chance Iran will ever change.

Qalibaf back in 1999 was part of a cruel and violent crackdown against University students and is considered to be very close with the country’s Revolutionary Guard.

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