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With just weeks to go until New York was to greenlight its widely hated congestion pricing plan, New York will reportedly pump the brakes according to reports out this morning.

The Lowdown

Multiple reports claim that Hochul is preparing a Wednesday announcement that will indefinitely shelve the plan due to cost of living concerns. Some reports say that in recent days Hochul has been hammering out details of the plan and came to the conclusion that it isn’t the right time for it to go into play. It is not clear when the plan would go into play considering New York City ‘s cost-of-living crisis does not appear to be slowing down any time soon.

UPDATE: 1:26 pm

New York’s Gov Hochul has confirmed reports that the congestion pricing plan set to take effect this month has been canned. In an announcement, Hochul appeared to have come to her common senses realizing that New Yorkers are tired and everything is too expensive.

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