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A stunning but expected end in the case of Chad Daybell the infamous other half of Lori Vallow. According to reports,  Daybell has been sentenced to death in connection to the murders of his first wife and his second wife’s children.

The Lowdown

Infamous Chad Daybell is set to die for his crimes.  According to reports,  Daybell was sentenced to death this week and conspiracy charges in the murders of Tammy Daybell and the children of his second wife Lori. Prosecutors argued during the case that the case was driven by terrifying greed; sex and desire, and bizarre apocalyptic views about the world.

Judge Steven Boyce handed down the death sentence on Thursday at the recommendation of a jury found that it was appropriate and in line with the law. Daybell  also according to reports has been sentenced to 15-years a piece for the insurance fraud charges related to his case.

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