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Bazaar Express: Louisiana has reclassified two abortion drugs as controlled substances, what’s on TV tonight, the latest in Gaza, how Trump ‘s Project 2025 has become a right-wing manifesto, across the Middle East right now, this evening in Europe, plus more top stories right now

Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday here in New York City and this edition of Bazaar Express is sponsored by the Bazaar Animal Kingdom our animal welfare service.

  1. What’s on TV tonight?

Netflix: Tonight we’re watching Crew on Netflix about a group of otherwise innocent-looking flight attendants who join together in a high-flying crime ring to pull off an unthinkable heist.

Max: Take a look at Lady Gaga’s Chromatica Ball Tour movie available now on Max.

2. The latest in Gaza

3. Across Europe this evening

See below because everyone needs to watch that. Don’t think for a second that places like America are the only places currently experiencing a dangerous rise of the far-right and their ideologies that threaten us all rather than some.

4. Across the Middle East right now

5. Donald Trump ‘s Project 225 is proving to be a right-wing manifesto.

We’re going to keep reminding America of the dangers of this plan that threaten to upend America as we know it and install Donald Trump as a defacto King. This is not America nor is it what America is meant to be.

6. Louisiana has reclassified two abortion drugs as controlled substances as the state’s government seeks to further hinder healthcare for women ‘because the government said so.’

As previously reported by The Express, Louisiana has officially reclassified two common abortion drugs as controlled substances. The move comes amid an increasing Republican-led movement across America to heavily restrict women’s access to healthcare options and services. It is part of a larger religiously-charged movement led by ideologies rather than reality.

According to NBC News, the state claims that the bill will protect women across the state however the state is actually the only state to classify mifepristone and misoprostol  as it stands. Abortion drugs have come routinely under fire since the fall of Roe v Wade amid far-right efforts to completely restrict access to any and all reproductive healthcare services in the United States.

Across Europe … continued….

America isn’t the only place suffering a rise of the far-right. Take a look at this video that lays bare the threat that the far-right poses to Europe amid its rise across the continent. Human rights of all kinds regardless of who you are are under threat. Use your voice and vote in the upcoming elections.

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