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Russia’s Medvedev has threatened the West with nuclear weapons if Russia is forced to return to borders it had in 1991

Russian hostility continues this week following scary comments made by the country’s Security Council chief. According to Medvedev’s Telegram channel, the country is prepared to unleash nuclear weapons on Berlin; London, and Washington if Russia were to ‘fall’ or ‘worse’ return to its borders from decades ago.

An excerpt of some of these comments are below. Click here to view them on the Telegram channel they came from.

“And now for the main question: do these idiots truly believe that the Russian people will simply swallow such a consequential partitioning of their country? That we will all think:

‘Unfortunately, it happened. They won. Russia as we know it today no longer exists. It is unfortunate, of course, but we must continue to live in a country that is collapsing and dying, because a nuclear war is far worse for us than the death of our loved ones, children, Russia…’?

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