Cigna a New York health insurer is prepared to boot cancer patients from care over pricing disputes with a prestigious Manhattan care facility in shocking display of greed

Cancer patients at Memorial Sloan Kettering may be in soon for a very rude and cruel awakening. According to reports, scores of patients received letters in recent days from Sloan identifying that their insurer Cigna is refusing to well do what an insurer is supposed to do and provide affordable care.

The Lowdown

According to reports, Sloan since December began delivering letters to various patients that informed them pricing disputes between Cigna and the renowned care facility are ongoing. The pricing disputes of course are due in part to the rising cost required of a hospital to be able to provide care to begin with.

Cigna’s current contract with the hospital ends the 2nd week of February. Those receiving cancer care at this present time will be good through about 14 April with bone marrow patients covered for an additional year. It is the latest example of greedy insurance agencies literally denying people the life-saving care they need to lead their lives.

If you or someone you know is receiving care at this facility call Cigna and demand they keep your care. Greed should not overthrow care services.

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