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NY ‘s Met Museum to return 16 artifacts in total to Cambodia and Thailand in latest surrender of stolen artifacts found in the western world

The prestigious Met Museum in New York City has finally capitulated to the demands of Cambodia and Thailand, agreeing to relinquish a mere 16 Khmer statues. These statues, along with numerous other looted artifacts, have been the subject of relentless pursuit by both countries.

All of the antiquities actually trace back to a single man. Back in 2019, a man named Douglas Latchford was arrested and charged in the United States for unlawfully selling the historic items. Separate reports confirmed that among the items to be returned are The Bodhisattva Avalokiteshvara Seated in Royal Ease and the Head of Buddha.

Authorities closed the case in question after Latchford passed away shortly after his initial arrest at the age of 89. Several items according to an announcement from the Museum will remain on display while correct arrangements are being determined to return them to their respective countries.

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