SantaCon is coming plus the MTA has banned booze on LIRR + Metro North trains ahead of holiday festivities this weekend

Santa Con is finally here and it truly is one of the highlights of living in New York City during the holiday season. According to the MTA, there are a few rules people should be aware of to prevent any mishaps with police. This is not the time of year to be tangoing with the NYPD guys… be smart.

Beginning Saturday at 4am, alcohol on all LIRR trains including the platforms is banned. Riders cannot drink on the trains; inside or out, or on the platforms in any way. Cops are being deployed to ensure alcohol is off limits inside stations. Violators may be kicked out of the stations; off the LIRR, or worse.

The stations are: Penn Station, Grand Central Madison and Grand Central Terminal for example. The same ban also applies to all Metro North trains and will be lifted by noon on Sunday.

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