Bazaar First: Israeli official suspended after suggesting a nuclear attack was on the table, Israel has bombed another refugee camp as claims of war crimes escalate, what’s on T.V tonight, plus more top headlines

Good morning everyone and welcome to this edition of The Morning Report.

  1. Israel has bombed another refugee camp as claims of war crimes and genocide escalate.

A new development in the Israel-Hamas war this week has resulted in increased calls for a ceasefire. According to reports, Israel bombed a second refugee camp this week and is understood to have killed more than a dozen or so people. It came less than 48 hours after a previous bombing also by Israel on a refugee camp in the area.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

Tonight we’re gathered round in our virtual screening room to watch Locked In on Netflix. Love; lust, murder, and greed tell the tale of a woman who many wonder how far she will go to have it all.

Rating: B+

3. Here are three more developments in the ongoing war and inside Gaza as innocent Palestinians continue to die.

  • The Rafah Border Crossing is experiencing issues once again.
  • Hamas is attempting to get wounded fighters out of Gaza by putting them on evacuation lists. Evacuations are experiencing hold-ups as a result to stop Hamas from escaping the area.
  • An Israeli Minister by the name of Amichai Eliyahu is out of a job after suggesting in the wildest of fashions that a nuclear attack on Gaza was on the table. He has lost his job as a result of the comments.

4. The U.N is now saying what most already know. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is worsening and people should have to answer for what they’ve done to the innocent people involved.

U.N Secretary General Antonio Guterres said this week that the crisis in the area is worsening. With food; fuel, and other essentials customary to the area running out — it is a race against time to stop an even larger number of deaths due to the lack of resources. Israel maintains that it will not stop firing rockets among other strikes until all hostages are freed.

5. The infamous cop out in California involved in the shooting of a college student has resigned in disgrace after it was revealed he is a raging racist with a wild text message history.

Infamous ex San Jose cop Mark Mcnamara has resigned in total disgrace after his superiors in the department found he is a raging racist. McNamara as it goes has a history of using racially charged language in several text messages with numerous other parties. The revelations were discovered recently.

The messages exhibited “disgusting text messages that demonstrated racial bias,” Police Chief Anthony Mata told the Mercury News Friday.

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