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The Morning: California launches the ‘Ebony Alert’, Israel plans to capture Gaza city, Hamas struggles amid lack of utilities, plus what’s on Netflix on this lazy Sunday

Good morning everyone and welcome to Sunday the oneday where the world just seems to sometimes stop.



  1. California is getting a new companion feature to its Amber Alert system.

California is preparing to launch the U.S’s first ever ‘Ebony Alert’ system targeting missing Black people and youth. The system was approved by Gov Gavin Newsom in an effort to tackle an alarming number of cases involving missing Black persons. The new system add on will work alongside the already existing missing persons system in the state.

2. Israel is preparing to capture Gaza City in an effort to ‘eliminate’ Hamas

New reports out this weekend suggest that Israel ‘s next phase of the war is imminent. According to reports, IDF plans to ‘capture’ Gaza City or at least attempt to do so in the coming days. Most utilities have been cut off in the area including fuel and clean water. People remain trapped in the area and it is unclear if they will have a way out.

3. The United Nations is sounding the alarm after clean water disappeared in the Gaza area.

According to the UN, clean water has officially run out in the area. Residents are now forced to use dirty well water significantly increasing the chances of major infections.

4. What’s on Netflix tonight?

This one’s *not* for the kids. The Fall of the House of Usher has arrivedandit is allot to process but is fantastic.

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