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The Afternoon: Pentagon official charged in shocking dog fighting ring scandal, the latest on Donald Trump ‘s fraud trial in NY, McConnell ‘s warning to GOP, plus what’s on Netflix tonight

Good Afternoon everyone and welcome to Thursday.. one day before Friday (we’re almost there.) Today’s theme is be nice to your pets.

  1. A Pentagon official is facing years in prison after the FBI exposed a massive dog fighting ring.

A senior Pentagon communications official is facing some serious federal trouble this week. According to reports, Frederick Douglass Moorefield Jr. and a friend, Mario D. Flythe, both took part in what is understood to have been a dog fighting ring. Cops claim that the duo kept five pit-bulls a piece along with some pretty disturbing equipment they found during raids on Douglass ‘s Maryland home. A federal affidavit revealed that they found electrical cables; surgical items, vet steroids, and other bizarre items.

2. Dianne Feinstein’s funeral is no longer open to the public in San Francisco

This afternoon citing increased security concerns the memorial service for Dianne Feinstein is closed to the public. According to the late Senator ‘s office, there is a need for increased security however they did not reveal why.

3. The latest on Donald Trump ‘s dramatic fraud trial in NYC

4. McConnell has a warning for the next House Speaker as the GOP struggles to maintain order in the chamber threatening any form of governing.

Against the backdrop of infighting; pettiness, agendas, and of course the right-flank Mitch McConnell has addressed the growing drama over the ousting of Kevin McCarthy. McCarthy was famously booted from the Speaker ‘s chair in a historic vote earlier this week. House minority leader Mitch McConnell has a warning for his replacement according to Huff Post.

“I have no advice to give to House Republicans, except one: I hope whoever the next speaker is gets rid of the motion to vacate,” McConnell said during this week’s presser.

5. Tonight we’re watching….

Stop what you’re doing and go watch the new season of Lupin now on Netflix. Everybody ‘s favourite French caper is back.

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