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Good Morning and Happy Tuesday, let’s kick off the morning. In the eyes of justice and society, if we are all divided then we are nothing.

  1. Missing girl Charlotte Sena is alive.

According to NY state police via ABC News, Sena has been found alive and has seen been returned to her family. A suspect is in custody and an investigation is underway.

2. Matt Gaetz has followed through with his threat to file a motion to boot McCarthy as House Speaker.

Following weeks of contention, Matt Gaetz who himself is facing potential expulsion has filed a motion to vacate the chair. This has set up a contentious battle on Capitol Hill at a time in which Republicans are attempting to deceive the American public that the House is in order. McCarthy maintains that Gaetz simply has a vendetta against him over the fact that the Ethics Committee is in the midst of numerous investigations into Gaetz behaviour over the years.

3. Donald Trump claims 80% of his fraud trial in NY could be thrown out because the statute of limitations ‘has expired’

Donald Trump ‘s contentious NY fraud trial has begun and well it’s already getting off to the most Donald Trumpian like start one could possibly imagine. During day one of the trial, Trump made a number of thinly veiled comments suggesting that if he were to win power he’d be ‘seeing people.’ In the same breath, Trump and his legal team suggested that the case could be dismissed because the statute has expired.

4. Americans should probably know about a right-wing lunatic named Leonard Leo who is seeking to help payday lenders in a slew of cases win the right to essentially screw over Americans big time.

Leonard Leo is the newest entry in our They’re going to screw you over America column. Leonardo Leo is a fundraiser an an activist that is at the centre of a series of Supreme Court cases that threaten to curtail the federal government’s ability to essentially reign in corporations that are up to no good. Up to no good of course at the expense and stress of the ordinary consumer. The cases of course are actually that of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau v Community Financial Services Association of America, or CFPB v CFSAA. You can read more about this case here.

The case centres around a few things but notably that of payday lenders and their often predatory practices that trap Americans into payday loans that are all but impossible to get out of.

5. In the most amusing fashion possible, Donald Trump doesn’t have a jury in the fraud trial currently underway in New York. Here’s why.

According to reports, the real reason Donald Trump does not have a jury in his NY fraud trial is because his attorneys forgot to ask for one. Yes, that’s correct his attorneys are either about to get him off scot-free or blow up his businesses in New York entirely. The trial is expected to last about 3 months and as it is understood will be entirely decided by the judge overseeing it.

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