Afternoon Wires: U.S soldier who bolted into North Korea in U.S custody, the latest on the U.S shutdown looming, plus alleged traitor Bob Menendez pleads not guilty to wild fraud charges

Good afternoon everyone. It’s a beautiful fall day in New York City at this present moment anyway. Let’s gather around and get into this afternoon’s news wires.

  1. Travis King the infamous U.S soldier who bolted into North Korea has been transferred to U.S custody.

According to the AP, North Korean officials appear to have transferred King to China and he is now in U.S custody. It is not entirely clear what the situation is on the ground given the circumstances present. King is expected to be returned to the United States to face the consequences of his actions.

2. Republicans are still dragging their feet and America almost certainly is set for a shutdown in a matter of days.


3. Crazed Trump supporters are doxx’n Fani Willis and she has something to say.


4. Bob Menendez is back in the news once more following his pleading not guilty to the wild federal fraud charges that are threatening both his political future and that of the Democratic party.

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