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Good morning everyone its a new week and Happy Monday. Let’s begin.

  1. Despite some trouble and some comments that miffed a few people, Poland will still help get Ukrainian grain to countries in need.

Despite some back and forth following Zelenskyy ‘s comments at the UN, Poland ‘s President Andrzej Duda has since confirmed that the country will still allow transit routes to carry critical grain through the country.

According to state news agency PAP. 

“We are trying to help Ukraine and those countries that require this help. I believe that it is the right decision that the Polish government has maintained the ban on the sale of Ukrainian grain on the Polish market,” Duda said in an interview with Polish television channel TVP1 on Sunday. “However, we must do everything to ensure that transit is as great as possible,” Duda added, according to a statement by his office.

PAP, Polish State News Agency

2. Killer neonatal nurse Lucy Letby is headed for another trial according to the court.

Infamous serial killer Lucy Letby is reportedly headed for another trial in the case of an attempted murder of a young girl. According to the Guardian, the court was informed over the weekend of the decision. It is the latest notch in the belt against Letby who savagely murdered and harmed numerous tots while working as a nurse. Reports indicate that she is set to be retried in June 2024.

3. Following revelations that the United States has a rat in its Senate, some are calling for Egypt to temporarily lose its military aid.

Days after the shock indictment against Bob Menendez, the corrupt Senator has since made his first remarks regarding the scandal plus the U.S is now being backed into a corner to halt military aid to Egypt.

There’s major trouble brewing in Washington and it just keeps getting worse. Senator Bob Menendez who very much should resign from his post is refusing to do so and has since made his first comments post-indictment. The comments come amid growing pressure for the Americans to halt their military aid to Egypt over the shocking betrayal committed by Menendez.

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